Frequently Asked Questions2020-03-19T10:28:25-04:00

frequently asked questions

Where are you located?2020-08-10T13:07:28-04:00
We are 100% online. Dr Patel will meet with patients via video consultations. No more worries about the commute, waiting room time, and you are able to keep us even if you move!
How do I schedule an appointment?2020-08-10T13:06:46-04:00

Please take your free health assessment. Dr. Patel will then call you for a 15 minute consult and schedule your full assessment. We are currently only offering telemedicine consultations.

What will my visit look like?2020-01-13T13:42:59-05:00

If you have never visited a functional medical practitioner, you’ll be surprised at the amount of time Dr. Patel spends with you. Each visit is a 60 minute session to evaluate you, your lifestyle, health concerns, and challenges you may encounter in your journey.  In addition to any necessary tests and exams, she will discuss with you tangible steps to begin improving your health immediately.

Do you take insurance?2020-01-13T13:43:29-05:00

Living Vitality is set up differently than most medical practices in terms of the amount of time, education, and resources we offer every patient. Traditional insurance billing does not support that approach. Patients are able to use their health savings accounts to pay for visits, and some of the labs may be run through your insurance carrier.

Will I have to become vegan or drink wheatgrass?2020-01-13T13:44:05-05:00

We offer science-backed guidance to help your unique body function at its best, knowing that your life and your comfort level will determine what changes you decide to make.

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